Joseph Ströbl Award

Robert was awarded the Joseph Ströbl Award for his "outstanding scientific work" by the Bavarian State Secretary Georg Schmid at the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior in November 2005.

The Joseph-Ströbl-Foundation intends to support outstanding journalistic and scientific achievements within safety to traffic.

One journalist and two scientists are awarded every year. Mr. Joseph Ströbl was editor in chief of the Süddeutsche Zeitung and campaigned for safety to traffic for his whole life. On this account he originated this Award. Unfortunately, he could not found the Joseph-Ströbl-Foundation anymore because of his sudden death. However, his wife Sonja Ströbl fulfilled his wish by establishing the Foundation posthumous. Chairman of the Foundation is Univ.-Prof. Dr. Otto Meitinger, former president of the Technischen Universität München and honorary citizen of the city of Munich.

The text of the deed justifies the Award for Robert as follows:

The design of man machine interfaces in the car has changed by the use of microelectronics. This can cause serious distraction while driving. The awarded scientific work takes the credit to objectify the potential distraction of these interfaces by exploring the eye movement and to develop a design guideline, which reduces these risks evidentially. Therefore, the use of this new knowledge means an important achievement for the safety of traffic.

Robert wants to thank again all involved persons for the Award.
If you want to, you can read more about his awarded doctoral thesis here.

The press reported about Robert´s award also. You can read some of the newspaper articles as pdf-files.

Document Link
SZ article Nov. 22nd 2005; 80 KB Against the gadgets in the car (German)
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