We love South America!

South America Yes, we have seen a lot from South America. Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, or Uruguay - you name it. It is always a pleasure to visit this continent.

Everything started with Javier, a very good friend Robert met in the United States. One day Robert visited his friend in Argentina and he was quite impressed by the Gaucho style. Javier and Robert did an adventurous trip down to the south by car. Robert is still thankful that Javier´s family made this possible. He won´t forget the bumpy road to the penguins.

Later in Germany Robert met Cecilia and Eusebio at the Oktoberfest in Munich. They had a great time together in Bavaria. The lovely Chileans invited him to visit their country. It was quite different than Argentina but still as exciting. Robert was impressed by its green nature in the south and the dry desserts in the north.

Alexandra became addicted to South America after joining Robert at Javier´s and Berenice´s wedding in 1999. We will never forget how Javier´s father was flying through the wedding hall. We loved it so much, that we even went to the two weddings of Javier´s sisters Constanza in 2001 and Paula in 2007.

Every time we went to South America we tried to visit diverse places. We have to admit that we are very strong attracted by the big (and sometimes dangerous) cities. But we even had exciting trips to Patagonia or the waterfalls from Iguazu. Every trip was adventurous and we remember extraordinary experiences with it.

In 2008 we even went to Brazil just for easy and relaxed vacations at the beautiful beach of Jericoacoara.

We are glad to know such nice people in South America. They opened the door for us to get a glance of this exiting territory.